What’s the difference between a sunroof and a moonroof? If you’re buying a new model, is there an advantage to a moonroof vs. sunroof? Technically, a moonroof is a type of sunroof — but over time the two terms have become nearly synonymous in the auto industry. Whatever you call it, a roof that opens your INFINITI cabin up to a fresh breeze and extra sunlight will rejuvenate any Cincinnati, OH drive! Read below to explore your moonroof options across the INFINITI lineup.

History of Moonroof vs. Sunroof

When sunroofs first appeared in the 1930s, they looked very different from modern sunroofs. Back then, a sunroof was simply a roof with a retractable metal panel, designed to allow air into the cabin. In the 1970s, automakers began adding a transparent or tinted glass panel that slides between the vehicle’s roof and headliner, calling it a moonroof. 

What Are Panoramic Roof Systems?

Many Florence drivers want to know if there’s a difference in the amount of light let into the cabin by a moonroof vs. sunroof. The short answer is no, but sunroofs/moonroofs are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. Types that you’ll see on new vehicles include pop-up, spoiler, inbuilt sunroofs, top-mount, solar, removable, electric, and electronic. 

By far, the most popular choice among Covington INFINITI drivers is the panoramic roof. What’s the difference between the available sunroof and moonroof types? Here are a few reasons why the panoramic variety has risen to the top:

  • Bigger View — Panoramic sunroofs and moonroofs span the entire length of a car’s roof. Thanks to their growing popularity, panoramic sunroofs are being offered by many automakers as standard features.
  • Size Variety — Panoramic roofs come in many sizes to fit a vehicle’s dimensions. While some vehicles have a moonroof with one large open section, others employ a dual-paneled design with a supporting bar between the two glass sections.
  • Front and Rear Access — The advantage of dual-paneled designs is that they offer separate access for front and rear passengers.

What’s the Difference Between Sunroof and Moonroof in the INFINITI Lineup?

We’re also asked about the difference between sunroofs and moonroofs when it comes to INFINITI available features. Our answer is that, while sunroofs and moonroofs come in many varieties, the standard option is usually smaller and positioned over the front seats. A sunroof that spans the entire roof of the car usually requires an upgrade. Contact us to learn more about premium features available on your INFINITI Q50 or QX30!

Choose Your INFINITI Features with INFINITI of Northern Kentucky 

Now that we’ve cleared up the moonroof vs. sunroof confusion, it’s time to choose the one that will give your Covington drives the upgrade you desire. We’re happy to help you find the INFINITI model, trim level, and feature options to meet your needs — so you can drive home ASAP in a new car you love. Ready to get started today? Apply for financing and estimate your monthly payments with our convenient online tools!

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